Kevin McPherson

Founder/CTO/Technical Director

Kevin McPherson is a software engineer with extensive experience in enterprise development.  He began his career developing proprietary business software before transitioning to video game development.  

In games, Kevin operated as a core member of the development team for Sony's landmark MMORPG games EverQuest and Everquest 2. Kevin has shipped several other popular games including Rally Cross, Vanguard and Planetside 2. 

At heart, Kevin will always be a gamer and enjoys playing MOBAs online with his son.

Mat Broome

Founder/AD/Chief Creative Director

Mat is an experienced game developer with over 14 years as a Senior Character Lead and Art Director on multiple AAA titles for Sony. Mat has shipped seven cross-platform game titles including the hits H1Z1, Planetside 2, and DC Universe Online. 

As part of his console development experience Mat shipped titles on the Playstation 3 including Everquest Adventures Online.

When not making games Mat is usually playing them, as an avid fan of multiplayer shooters going all the way back to the first Counterstrike.

Mike Fischer

Founder/Board of Directors

Mike is known for having served as CEO of Square Enix America.  He also has held executive positions at Xbox, Sega, Namco, Amazon and Epic Games.


Mike has been active in game publishing since his first work for the 8-bit Sega Master System, and has led teams in the US, Japan and UK.




Steve Broome

Lead Content Creator/Analytics

Having spent over a decade in the web development, app development, and comic book industries, Steve combines his experience with content creation with a lifelong love of video games in designing KINETIK.

Steve's favorite games range from all genres, and he also enjoys reading historical non-fiction in his free time.




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