When will KINETIK be available to play?

  • KINETIK will arrive on Steam Early Access in 2017-2018.

  • We are looking for fans of tactical action games, RPGs and shooters to play KINETIK early via our Beta testing. If you are interested head to the homepage and sign up for our newsletter HERE. We will be taking members of the KINETIK ARMY to help us test and improve the game shortly.

What is the significance of Drones in KINETIK?

  • Drone companions are RPG class-based, like player characters

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the Drones will complement the players in different ways during game action.

  • Drones will provide numerous tactical options for the player - not only in pre-mission build and loadout - but via the use of Drone CMDs. Drone CMDs are commands that can be issued by the player to its drone during battle:

  • Drones will be customizable visually,

Is KINETIK a first or third person shooter?

  • Players can freely switch between first and third person cameras. 

How is KINETIK a survival game?

  • Players will need to closely watch their health during battles, as well as their oxygen levels. Since KINETIK takes place on an abandoned lunar military facility, Oxygen will be a precious commodity.

  • Recipes will factor heavily into KINETIK's gameplay, with players gathering resources and scraps throughout levels to build their weapons, gear, and Drone components.

  • KINETIK's survival elements are overseen by our Creative Director Mat Broome, who served in this capacity on DC Universe Onlilne as well as H1Z1. We envision KINETIK as incorporating the best elements of survival games such as H1Z1, with fast-paced, intense action.


  • KINETIK offers progression and extensive modification options for both players and their companion Drones.

  • The RPG Trinity (“Tank”, ”Support”, “DPS”) will be incorporated into KINETIK’s individual and team compositions and used to balance Co-op and Multiplayer play.

  • Standard RPG factors such as encumbrance are incorporated into KINETIK.

What can I upgrade on my character(s)?

  • You can upgrade your weapons, armor, class abilities, gear, and inventory items.

  • You'll be able to create up to six characters using one of three classes.

  • You will have the options to adapt your soldier with cybernetic upgrades.

  • There will be many clothing options, designed to help your character stand out visually from other players.

Is there a game economy?

  • There will not be an in-game economy, instead players will earn recipes and resources through character leveling and mission completion.

Are there rare NPCs and rare drops? Are there different kinds of item drops in the game that I can get?

  • Rarity for NPCs, craftable resources, and lootable items will be color coded, and drop rates will scale according to mission difficulty.

What are Triggers and Flashpoints?

  • Triggers are mission-critical items acquired by squad members. These triggers are tied to the lore of KINETIK, as written by Kevin Grevioux of Underworld and comic book industry fame.

  • Flashpoints are mission objectives where squad members must use their triggers to activate a key gameplay element. We will go into more detail in upcoming blogs.

Can I loot items and gear from enemies?

  • Yes, you can loot items and ammunition from NPCs, and in multiplayer battles you can loot from your downed opponents

What are the Careers in KINETIK?

  • Our RPG classes - known as "Careers" - represent specialties for soldiers in the future world of KINETIK. These are Assault, Demolition, and Stealth. More info will be made available in future blog updates.

What makes KINETIK unique among tactical shooters, survival games, and RPG titles?

  • KINETIK brings a unique, casual take on survival games, with balanced shooting mechanics and a cover-based system designed around challenging NPCs with advanced AI.

  • KINETIK offers crafting depth familiar to fans of survival games, in a faster paced leveling system with greater rewards.

  • KINETIK is made by devs with decades of experience shipping games (EVERQUEST, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE, H1Z1, more), meaning they have a firm understanding of what makes a game fun. Gameplay will always take precedent, and close attention will be paid to game balance, customization variety, and level design.

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