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The team sat down with ACG on YouTube to discuss KINETIK in-depth, going over everything including plans for high difficulty gameplay, shooter related decision-making such as including first AND third person camera options, and why they decided to leave corporate game development to take the indie route after years spent making games like EverQuest and H1Z1.

Coming to Steam Early Access, PS4 and Xbox One starting in 2017.



1/2     New September 2016 ALPHA  gameplay. Recorded in real-time on PC (via Steam) with three person co-op, our latest gameplay footage shows a multitude of additions to KINETIK including a command wheel for fast squad interaction, new cover objects, and more advanced AI which reacts in a variety of ways to player behavior. Stay tuned as we document all gameplay additions to the survival, tactical, and shooter aspects of KINETIK.

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2/2     Marking or "spotting" your enemies will be a significant gameplay element in KINETIK, use this in tactical situations and to keep a focused eye on key NPCs.



Our first public reveal trailer! See the foundation of KINETIK: near-future technology such as drones, hacking, and smart weapons meets classic shooter gameplay.  Plus, behind-the-scenes commentary from indie developers Mat Broome and Kevin McPherson on why the game is a passion project for them as lifelong gamers.








Survival in KINETIK relies on mastering the layout of the abandoned lunar facilities where you find yourself. You'll need to make sound tactical decisions for yourself and your drone companion. If you survive, craft the weapons, consumable foods and drinks, and artificial intelligence upgrades for your drone needed to take control.  Our 4K wallpapers show some of the environments you'll find yourself navigating in near-future tactical warfare.





Hero Machine Studios' Creative Director Mat Broome (Art Director H1Z1, DC Universe Online) shares concept drawings  from KINETIK as well as creation of in-game characters that will excite fans of tactical shooters as well as survival games. Aspiring devs and game fans, check out our devlog 'Making the Game' for an in-depth look at the processes of creating these images using Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop CC, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer and more.





Hero Machine Studios' Creative Director Mat Broome (Art Director H1Z1, DC Universe Online) shares 4K images (concepts, WIP models, and more) from KINETIK as it is built in Unreal Engine 4. These special renders are created to give an in-depth look at the art of KINETIK. If you're a fan of video game art, or someone looking for tech demonstrations of the latest 3D art technology (Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Maya 3D) look no further.





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