Why Unreal Engine for KINETIK?

We sat down with Mat Broome and Kevin McPherson - the veteran developers behind Hero Machine Studio’s KINETIK - to talk about their decision to build the game in Unreal Engine. GM Steve Broome: With all the choices out there for indie developers why did you choose Unreal Engine? Mat: Oh the first thing I said when I downloaded it was “this is well worth the 20 bucks a month (back when they were charging).” I remember talking to Kevin about it and just being floored at what was available in an over-the-counter system for indie devs. He dug into it and found even more stuff from a programming level and we knew right away it was the engine for KINETIK. Kevin: Everything we wanted to do we could do in Unreal, when you’re making a game that’s a blend of multiple genres like we are you need a robust suite to develop in. The tactical part the shooter part, the RPG elements they’re all important to KINETIK and Unreal Engine can handle them all. What are your favorite games as players so we can get an idea of what your “influences” are so to speak? Kevin: Well we both worked on Planetside and loved that game design. I'm a huge fan of Battlefield Vietnam, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 2142, and the Planetside franchise. Mat: Battlefield series going back to 1942 averaging 1700 hours per shooter, Bad Company 2 is one of the best shooters of all time. I got my start in CS: Source and Half Life 1 and 2. Dessert Combat and TF 1 and TF 2 were amazing. Do you think it’s important that developers also game? Mat: You have to, otherwise how do you translate what gamers want into an actual release? One of the first things we said was let’s talk directly to fans with social media, tell them what we’re making but by being a playable game this early, they can test it and tell us whats great and what needs improving before they plunk down 20 bucks.We play the game while we build it. We’re always thinking “is this fun to play?” If not scrap it. We play the game while we build it. We’re always thinking “is this fun to play?” If not scrap it. Kevin: Combining all that with what we want right now as players, which is a really hard tactical game. Mat: Yep. Kevin: So keeping it difficult.. fun.. fresh.. that takes a lot of talking back and forth and doing that with a small studio is way easier in Unreal. KINETIK IS A TACTICAL RPG SHOOTER RELEASING ON STEAM, PS4, AND XBOX ONE BEGINNING IN 2017

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