San Diego, CA - (June 8, 2016) - Hero Machine Studios - a new independent studio whose co-founders previously worked on EverQuest, H1Z1, Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online - is excited to announce today KINETIK, a near-future cover-based tactical RPG shooter with advanced customizable AI drone companions. KINETIK also features rich co-op and competitive multiplayer modes and is being developed in its entirety by the two-man team of veteran AAA developers Mat Broome and Kevin McPherson, leveraging the powerful Unreal Engine 4.

Played in either first or third-person perspective, KINETIK merges an in-depth RPG leveling system with brutal cover-based shooter gameplay, unlockable abilities and class-based specialties. KINETIK arms its players with a repertoire of tactical weapons, gadgets and player-controlled drones, inspired by emerging real-world military technologies. Drones in KINETIK are fully moddable companions armed with offensive and defensive capabilities that can be deployed during battle in destructible environments for an intense tactical experience rarely found in current generation shooters.

Players can take part in class-based tactical warfare either cooperatively via objective-based missions against lethal AI opponents, or battle online in unforgiving 16 vs. 16 competitive multiplayer matches. Players choose and build upon RPG-style roles within their teams for enhanced squad support. In KINETIK, players become stronger as they rank up and craft new and more powerful character armor and equipment. Team victories unlock new player and drone skills and customizations, unlocking new tactical possibilities, where intelligent use of powerful uniquely-configured drones can spell the difference between utter defeat and vanquishing the enemy.

“KINETIK is the high-octane shooter requiring brains and brawn that I’ve wanted to make my entire career,” said Mat Broome, co-founder, art director and chief creative director at Hero Machine Studios. “As massive fans Bad Company 2, Counter-Strike Source and SOCOM, we’re excited and honored to build upon those classic shooters to create a tactical squad-based shooter with rich RPG elements that is unlike any available today.”

KINETIK marks the first title from Hero Machine Studios, founded by AAA developers Mat Broome and Kevin McPherson, both formerly at Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Online Entertainment. Mike Fischer -- previously CEO at Square Enix America and with executive roles at Microsoft Xbox, Sega, Namco, Amazon and Epic Games -- rounds out the team, providing his significant video game marketing and publishing acumen.

Hero Machine Studios’ funding goal for KINETIK is set at a modest U.S. $150,000. This will get the game to Steam’s Early Access in early 2017, where the game will be completed based on feedback from and through collaboration with the fan community. In addition to the initial Steam launch, KINETIK is planned for the Xbox One and PlayStation®4 (PS4™) computer entertainment system. The Kickstarter campaign for KINETIK can be found here:

The Kickstarter video for KINETIK is available here:

If you would like to speak with Hero Machine Studios’ founders, please email us at .

About Hero Machine Studios

San Diego-based Hero Machine Studios was founded by industry veterans Mat Brome and Kevin McPherson, who jointly shaped creative direction at Sony Computer Entertainment America and Sony Online Entertainment with their combined work on AAA titles like EverQuest, H1Z1, Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online. They are supported by the deep industry insight and publishing experience of co-founder Mike Fischer, former CEO of Square Enix America, and former senior executive at Microsoft XBox, Sega, Namco, Amazon and Epic Games. For more information about KINETIK and Hero Machine Studios, please visit and ### PRESS CONTACT ÜberStrategist | | +1 (646) 844-8388 Mario R. Kroll, MBA | CJ Melendez | Find us on Twitter @uberstrategist and Facebook at

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