Mat and Kevin Interviewed by Jeremy of ACG!

Jeremy/Karak is a great interviewer and reviewer whom you'll find dissecting a wide variety of games on YouTube with his popular ACG channel. Hero Machine had a blast talking to him about KINETIK on his new Kickstarter Kontent feature. Mat and Kevin delved into why they felt now was the right time to jump into indie development as video game creators, what kind of challenging gameplay experience they plan to deliver to the tactical RPG shooter audience with KINETIK, and lots more. 1:02 - Mat and Kevin's professional backgrounds 3:52 - What's the story of KINETIK's creation as a tactical RPG shooter? 8:36 - New opportunities for indie game developers 11:47 - What is the "hook" of KINETIK? 16:36 - Drone leveling discussion 24:50 - What is the current state of KINETIK? 31:28 - First and Third Person camera discussion 38:26 - "Spawn points in shooters" conversation. 42:40 - KINETIK's game modes/solo gameplay? 47:50 - What's a typical day for you as indie devs? 54:50 - Information about the Kickstarter campaign. 1:00:37 - Anything new and exciting in KINETIK's game development? This is a great opportunity to catch up on all things KINETIK. Coming to Steam Early Access April, 2017!

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