KINETIK: Art Behind the Scenes Episode: 001

Why Behind the Scenes?

KINETIK is personal, and my life's mission to challenge myself in art, science and discipline to higher and higher levels. This Behind the Scenes Devlog [ let's call this a documentary] is to show the ups and the DOWNS of this journey to make all the game assets, from characters to environments as one artist.

The Process.

The entire game takes the whole team, Lead Engineer Kevin McPherson and Lead Technical Designer Stephen Broome, with the expertise of Mike Fisher helping us guide the product.

The Goal of This Blog.

This isn't about patting myself on the back, this is a teachable moment for myself, the artist who learned his skills by watching tutorials by people far more talented, and wants to return the favor.

My Challenge.

Create an entire world, character and game lore as one artist against a deadline to get the game KINETIK to market. Just typing this sentence makes me want to throw up LOL!

I believe the fear of failure is a tool for success, that should be embraced. This blog is meant to bear my successes but also my failures, humble myself and hopefully learn as much from you as you do from me.

Let's Do This Together - Why Not?!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I will, and I hope you are involved telling me what you think, what you want to see and hopefully helping me do what very few every have the privilege to try...

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