Making the Game Ep 002: Breaking down a Simple Helmet

Whats up fellow gamers and Indie Devs, lets get right to the second episode of MTG: Breaking down a Simple Helmet.

Doing helmets is always fun, but there are a few key steps to consider when doing these designs for a game.

Step One: Stay Focused

Keep in mind this is a level one "base helmet" that is being designed. We want it to be cool and interesting but also easy to customize in a way that players will enjoy.

This helmet is made to have a face guard, larger mouth piece and totally different back without compromising the design.

So this early in creation remember that this should be customizable up to level 30 [our first game release will allow for level 30 progression in Early Access]

Step Two: Simple Shapes

I Keep the shapes simple using great modern day military helmets as reference to project to KINETIK's near-future space setting.

I wanted to make sure that the helmet kept a contemporary feel and form, somewhere between a NFL helmet and modern day combat helmet.

Even though the greeble details add complexity, the overall design is pretty straight forward. Game design should be straight forward and follow the rule of threes: good shapes, good composition and colors that add weight and substance.

Step Three : Secondary Details

Decals and insignias are great to add "lore", they give real fictional meaning to the details that make the helmet feel like it belongs to somewhere the player might want to explore.

Just remember that this concept should be only as detailed as the stage of development we are in, be careful not to spend too much time concepting. We still have a great deal of material, textures and modeling to do as we will show in upcoming episodes.

Until next time,

Mat B Co-Founder Hero Machine Studios

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