Debut KINETIK Story Trailer!

We are extremely proud to present the first story trailer for KINETIK!

KINETIK is not just a game telling the story of your fight for survival. It tells the near-future story of humanity's fight for survival. Luna Interstellar Defense Lab is the setting, a wartorn, devastated facility on the colonized moon surface in 2072. Fighting for Earth or Moon-based forces, you will craft and fight your way through difficult levels against challenging NPCs. As you fight, discover the mysteries of Kinetik energy and learn to manipulate the dangerous world around you.

Multiplayer, Co-op and solo game modes all coming to Steam Early Access in 2017. Stay tuned for more! KINETIK TRAILER HIGHLIGHTS

Intense cover-based shooter action

A Robust Crafting system based on near-future tech including drones

Tactical Squad play with tons of variety

Plenty of Character Customization options with AAA graphics

Huge Mini-Boss and Boss Battles

Drone Command systems and complete customization

Stay tuned for much more including continuation of our Making the Game series, and join the KINETIK dev team and fellow KINETIK Army members on our official Discord server! KINETIK is the new survival game from Mat Broome (Creative Director: H1Z1, DC Universe Online, more) and Kevin McPherson (Programmer: EverQuest 1 & 2)

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