Making the Game Ep 003: Sculpting Skin Detail Part One (The Mouth Cavity)

The eyes are no doubt the center to the soul, the keys to communicating and critical to life in the form.

But I find doing the mouth cavity first for some reason a great place to get warmed up and it really helps me think through a few key stages early. The age of the character, the ethnicity of the character and lastly their career.

Age before Beauty

The age for me comes first, because this character is a young thirty year old, so his skin is youthful but also he's spent most of his time in the military. Research tells us most join the US military early in life, so our guy must have started his service in his twenties, and quickly rose to success before becoming a Navy Seal. The mouth should be of grit, of youth and showing him to be determined.

This WIP [ work in progress] is only the beginning I'll update this again soon promise.


The character I chose to do first is the anglo male, the navy seal who's laying out on Coronado Beach in San Diego in freezing temperatures and surviving the mental anguish to become a Navy Seal. This is the perfect soldier to survive the challenges of the moon. Gritty, smart, and mentally bulletproof. The mouth should say all of those things when still.


We know our stud is a military guy, a navy seal and a badass. But that doesn't tell us who he is, the heartbreaks he's had and who his first girlfriend was in elementary school. Before I start any character I need to know who they are, so I don't fall into the trap of just grabbing celebrity pics of the latest of legendary actor and trying to make him feel too cliche.

If you get to know you characters first, they will feel more believable to the audience.

Next Update: We revisit the eyes skin sculpt details next weekend.

Til then

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