Kinetik: Heavy Armor Concept Sketch

Let's get right to it and break down each step in sequence.

Break it down fast the design will change

First I did a super fast 5 minute sketch of the overall form, I find I really like to sketche quick to get a sense of speed and movement. I find things get stiff if you overthink the initial flow of the sketch. This is likely due to my comics and illustration background.

Reference is key

This is of course after doing my homework and grabbing key images that support the character and his origin.

The key with KINETIK is the team doesn't want to go too far in time forward, and keep things contemporary so staying believable on some level is key.

Focus on what's important

Concepts like these can't become art projects, make sure you get enough info down so that the modeler can see the form.

There will always be time later to polish for portfolio pieces and art books later, so make sure you create a usable concept for the teams moving disciplines art, design and code.

Lastly don't be too hard on yourself, and remember the next concept is a chance to do something even better :).

Til next time.

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