Kinetik: Heavy Armor Concept Sketch

We are in what I like to call the down slope of the concept in part 2.

Use a proper value range based on real world materials

I prefer to gather material reference in the form of photos, machinery sites and metal manufacturers and cross reference them in different lighting for post look and feel.

The real work materials are then used for histogram and level reference in Unreal to be later turned into roughness, metallic and levels reference.

Be careful at this time to not stare, but finish the render

Key at this stage is moving the concept to production, be sure to see your painting as a mental poly count and budget. I always think of how many polys the concept should be, and what is the LOD [Lower object of detail] that the armor, character or subject matter is at this stage.

A mental check list should look similar to this....

-How many polys do I need to sell this visual

-What are the materials needed

-How many joints are in the skeleton and how will that impact the form

Focus on what's important to finish!

Don't burn man hours rendering things that are self explanatory be efficient with time especially on a small tea.

Lastly have FUN!

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