New KINETIK Screenshots: The Cargo Bay!

Hero Machine's Creative Director Mat Broome (H1Z1, DC Universe Online) has been hard at work polishing the look of KINETIK, making sure that our visuals match the story of a post-war lunar landscape, where threats to survival lurk around every corner.

The abandoned, military lunar facilities of KINETIK offer plenty of gameplay options and crucial decisions for survival game fans. Players will hunt down rare NPCs for special rewards, use fuses to restore power to lighting, collect oxygen to navigate areas without functioning life support systems, and use our deep crafting system to craft the gear and weaponry needed to withstand NPC onslaughts. Team survival tactics and complementary builds will be key to success as ammo, oxygen, and food supplies run short. The above images, captured in Unreal Engine 4, provide our first look at the lunar CARGO BAY: another map offering solo and co-op battles for Steam Early Access gamers. Click each image to download in full 4k resolution. KINETIK is coming soon to Steam, PS4, and Xbox One!

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