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There has been much discussion in video games recently about microtransactions - a business model for games wherein additional revenue is earned w/ in-app purchases. As a result of this, and inquiries from members of our community, we thought we’d clarify once and for all our reasoning for excluding microtransactions from KINETIK. Note that this is not a commentary on microtransactions in other games. Rather, it reaffirms the three pillars of RPG gameplay in KINETIK, and focuses on our core motivation which is providing great value to our Steam/PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One gamers. SKILL Skilled shooter players will be able to more easily complete difficult missions, which offer greater rewards for completion, not just in lootable items but increased XP. With this difficulty-based rewards system, skilled players can chase exclusive loot drop items in solo or co-op missions.

TIME Progression-based unlocks will reward the players who take their created characters through our full RPG advancement system. Once enough resources are gathered and recipes have been unlocked, players will craft or loot the game’s items, not purchase them. TEAMWORK Some of KINETIK’s missions will be difficult to complete, tactically, without squad mates or advanced Drones by a player’s side. We will continue to use data to attach reward opportunities to key co-op missions and objectives. All KINETIK loot and rewards will have rarities assigned to them, as is typical in RPG games. With enough time, and a little luck you’ll be able to earn all of the items available in KINETIK, including: recipes, crafting resources, amulets, combat Drones and Drone upgrades, special lore-based weapon attachments, cosmetics, and much more.

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