RPG Player Class: Stealth

In the first of our series on the Player, Drone, and NPC classes in KINETIK, we look at the Stealth player class, shown in his base gear set below:

With so many twists and turns in the levels of KINETIK, the STEALTH class is crucial not only for solo stealth missions, but for any team build due to its cloaking ability, and high mobility rating. In addition, STEALTH characters boast exclusive access to DMRs, and some key, exclusive weapon attachments that you'll want to take with you for quick swapping in difficult missions throughout the abandoned facilities of LUNA. The STEALTH class is best suited for a support role, with low hit points, and an overall low DPS rating for most of its craftable weapons. Precision in both movement and shooting will be key for Stealth players.

Up next: We'll take a look at the ASSAULT class!

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