Intuitive Drone Controls

We continue to work hard on making sure that the twitchy gunplay of KINETIK is matched by the speed of other gameplay. Drone controls, as a result, are consistently updated as you see here to add ever-improving feedback, and easily learned controls, to the experience of commanding your battle companion. The Drone commanding shown above is the move command (MOVE.cmd), which players will need to use to position their Drone in a way that maximizes cover, and the Attack command (ATTACK.cmd) which instructs the Drone to stop attacking other targets and specifically attack their target until killed. How well the player uses these Drone cmds and other, Drone class-based cmd unlocks, will determine how well they perform against NPC waves. Additionally, your Drone's CPU upgrades will impact how well it responds to cmds via the latency attribute. More info on the full range of cmds at your disposal is forthcoming when we break down Drone classes

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